By LeeWEpstein

June 19, 2020



There is no correlation between tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels and the psychotropic properties of cannabis. A recent study proves that this strongly held belief is erroneous. Cannabis is composed of a mixture of different substances, not just THC.

In the United States, the revelations set out in this study could make the effect of a bomb, as many coffee shops use this criterion to sell their products at a high price. In reality, a multitude of factors come into play in the potency of cannabis, except in the case of food that is cooked from the plant. Beware of the THC level of your herb, as it will affect the psychotropic effect of your dish.

Scientists at the University of Colorado-based their findings on a sample of 121 cannabis users. The test population was separated into two groups, using the drug separately. The first group used only concentrates of the substance, rich in tetrahydrocannabinol; the second used only cannabis flowers, which are lighter in THC.

The cognitive functions of the participants were observed before, during, and after their use of the substance. The results showed that people who took the drug richest in THC were not necessarily the most stoned. “People who took high doses of THC were much less affected than we thought,” confirms study co-author Kent Hutchinson.

A good scent

To find out if you are about to smoke a good quality joint, smell your cannabis. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, because in the United States, for example, shops that sell cannabis sell it in small packets.

Many shops are equipped with small “testers” made to smell the products. However, the health crisis means that these samples may no longer be available.

A marketing trick

If the myth of the THC level persists, it is mainly because it suits the traders. The actors of the sector exploit this open secret to earn more money. They have no interest in revealing that this belief is just a smokescreen.

According to a cannabis company founder, “When people go shopping, they look for two things: the price and the THC level”. Until mainstream users realize that the THC level has nothing to do with the quality of the product they buy, those who know about it can enjoy cheaper products.

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