By Lucas De Vries

January 30, 2020
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The City of Montreal East amended its zoning by-law to exclude the cultivation, sale or processing of cannabis from a large part of its commercial and industrial zones. This is to control the practices of the cannabis industry and keep them away from the citizens.

By this amendment, the City intends to move businesses away from its residential zones. “We want to be stricter to avoid nuisances, particularly olfactory nuisances, and keep them away from citizens,” explains Robert Coutu. According to the edile, cannabis-related businesses have expressed interest in setting up in Montreal East. This area benefits from many square feet of vacant land.

But the municipality wished to “supervise future development”, without totally ruling them out. “We already have companies of this type in our area,” he justifies.

However, the mayor points out an industrial zone located in the far east of the city as having “interesting characteristics to allow integration into future industrial parks. Production and transformation will be possible there by this new regulation.

For the president of the Association québécoise de l’industrie du cannabis (AQIC), Michel Timperio, “is legal and supervised. It is a decision, according to him, “non-rational and based on emotion.

He also points out that these “industries are subject to constraints at the provincial level” and cannot set up shop anywhere, “such as not going near schools. AQIC president believes that such decisions at the municipal level could “indirectly push consumers into the illegal industry.

In fact , Montreal East is not the first sector to change its regulations to keep the cannabis industry out. Last May, Saint-Léonard completely banned the sale and production of cannabis on its territory. Montreal North had amended its by-law to regulate these practices by allocating the far south of the city to host companies.

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