By LeeWEpstein

November 15, 2019

Michigan will have legal cannabis for Christmas. According to a document released yesterday. Michigan cannabis stores will be able to start selling their products as early as December 1.

The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency announced that companies already selling medical cannabis will be able to transfer up to half of their stocks for the recreational market. These companies must first obtain a state license, which Michigan regulators have been issuing since early November.

Michigan voters approved the legalization of the possession, use, and sale of cannabis for recreational purposes in November 2018. Residents 21 years old could grow up to 12 plants and own up to 2.5 ounces in public or 10 at home. Michigan had therefore taken emergency measures last July to speed up the process.

However, cannabis sales are not going to be widespread until March 2020, while authorized producers finalize their first harvest.

Recreational use of cannabis shall be finite to private housing, excluding private vehicles and therefore any public place. Homegrown plants must be secure and unseen from the outside.

Commercial marijuana sales in Michigan will be subject to a 10% tax that will earn about $130 million per year, which will be avail for schools, roads, and local governments.

Michigan already has an advanced medical cannabis system. 41 medical cannabis stores have already qualified for adult licenses. However, only 22 jurisdictions have so far authorized the establishment of cannabis stores. 1,393 have chosen not to participate.

Sales will not start on December 1, for example, in Detroit, where slow administrative procedures slow down the deployment of legalization.

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