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The Mexican government unveiled the bill to legalize cannabis this weekend. The draft presented last week to the Health, Justice, Public Safety and Law Committees.

Committees will formally vote on the bill in the coming days, after which it will move on to the full Senate and then the Chamber of Deputies.

It aims to “improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of the United Mexican States. Also,combat the consequences of problematic cannabis use and reduce drug-related crime[while] promoting the peace, security, and well-being of individuals and communities” .In Addition to regulate all uses of cannabis: personal, scientific, medical or industrial.

The most important points to

  • the Mexican Institute of Cannabis (Instituto Mexicano del Cannabis) will be responsible for monitoring and regulating all cannabis-related activities. And for distributing related licenses (cultivation, processing, sale, export/import), and implementing public health policies related to cannabis
  • any adult over 18 years of age may possess cannabis for personal use, grow up to 4 plants and purchase cannabis in authorized stores
  • consumption in public places is not allowable as well as in high traffic areas
  • Cannabis Clubs will be able to grow 4 plants per member and distribute the harvest to members
  • no restrictions on the sale of products processed from hemp, as long as they comply with the Cannabis regulations.
  • low-income people, small farmers, and indigenous peoples will have priority for licensing
  • strict restrictions will be obligatory on packaging.

The law will enter into force on the day following its
publication in the Official Gazette and may be revised the year following its
introduction to optimizing its operation.

The text is largely based on the proposal presented
last year by Senator and current Minister of the Interior Olga Sanchez Cordero,
in which a dozen other cannabis reform bills have been merged since then.

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