By LeeWEpstein

December 3, 2020


Home delivery of cannabis arrives in Massachusetts after receiving the green light from the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC).

The commission has created two types of delivery licenses: one for “cannabis deliverers” who “will be allowed to charge a fee to make deliveries from a retailer or dispensary to the customer” and another for “delivery operators” who will be “allowed to purchase products in bulk and make deliveries from their warehouse.

Massachusetts voters voted to legalize recreational cannabis in 2016.

Cannabis Delivery in Massachusetts

Home delivery was already part of the state’s medical cannabis program. Last year, the Commission authorized the state’s recreational cannabis companies to apply for delivery licenses, which were validated in May 2020.

Initially, the licenses will be issued exclusively to members of the Social Equity Program, which favors those previously impacted by cannabis prohibition. Barriers to entry for a delivery license are generally lower than those for retail licenses and help level the playing field between large and small businesses.

Some dispensaries, however, argue that state law restricts delivery possibilities to cannabis retailers only.

Inlay terms, the adoption, and implementation by the Commission of the regulation draft would directly contravene its law. Making it clear and unambiguous that only cannabis retailers, as defined in the law, are eligible to deliver cannabis products to consumers,” for Howard Cooper, lawyer, in a letter written to regulators in mid-November.


They want to own 100% or 80% of the licenses or have as much control or influence as possible,” said Aaron Goines, an activist, who advises the Massachusetts Cannabis Association for Delivery and helped develop the regulatory framework for delivery. That’s just not how the regulations are written, you’ll have to find something else.

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