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Since the announcement of the legalization of cannabis in Luxembourg at the end of 2018, the Grand Duchy has been working on its copy in order to define the future rules of a legal market.

While some details filtered out last year, notably on the legal age and the possession limit. The Luxembourg government admitted that it was late in 2019 in at least presenting an interim document and setting a working timetable.

A provisional concept for legalization approved by the Ministries of Health and Justice. The text still needs to amend but will serve as a basis for the creation of the future legal framework. The text provides for :

  • a purchase limit of 30 grams of cannabis per month
  • minimum age of 18 years, for those who have been resident in Luxembourg for at least 6 months
  • a ban on consumption in public places and in places where smoking prohibited
  • a national production
  • the prohibition of self-cultivation
  • 14 points of sale across the country to start with
  • a part of the annual turnover will pay back to the State


To date, the text is particularly strict, notably with a low monthly purchase limit, with no precision for concentrates or edibles, and by banning self-cultivation. As in Canada, regulation of the cannabis market will separate legal cannabis, sold in stores, from illegal cannabis possibly grown at home.

Two national production licenses exist . For indoor cultivation under secure conditions, which must be eligible for export of EU-GMP cannabis for medical use.

In addition , Outlets must keep away from schools, be open from noon to 8 pm and may not sell alcohol or tobacco. The project does not provide for Internet sales or home delivery. The outlets will not be able to accommodate customer consumption.

The flowers shall sell in 3, 5 or 10g packs, with an indication of the THC and CBD content. And the addition of a QR code to retrieve traceability information on the life of the product.

Selling prices will be set by the State, at a level “neither too expensive nor too cheap”. According to the document. Taxation could be progressive, low enough at the beginning to gradually increase.

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