By Lucas De Vries

October 31, 2019
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The food giant, the Kraft-Heinz group, has just
invested US$23 million in a Cannabis startup called Flowhub, which develops
integrated solutions to manage a Cannabis point of sale.

A gesture that marks the entry into the sector of
billionaire Warren Buffet. 

It is an anecdote that a multinational brand such as
Kraft-Heinz is starting to invest in Cannabis. 


The integration of all activities of a Cannabis resale
point into a single application: Flowhub. Flowhub will develop integrated
solutions to run Cannabis sales clinics and that is a great thing:

Increase your income

Reduce operating costs

Control the risk factor

Modernize your shipments

Adapt to your growth

Stay connected anywhere

CBD madness

The CBD market is very hot at the moment, for specialists its size will soon exceed that of alcohol. This is why the alcohol and food sectors are so interested in CBD. 

Moreover,many foods and beverage companies have partnered with cannabis companies to launch products containing CBD.

For instance,Canopy Growth will launch cannabis-based drinks with Constellation Brands.

Canopy Growth also acquired BioSteel Nutrition to
manufacture CBD-based nutritional drinks.

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