By LeeWEpstein

August 14, 2020


Despite the coronavirus pandemic, cannabis sales are setting new records in the United States in states that have legalized recreational cannabis.

California, $348 million 

California set a cannabis sales record of $348 million in July, the peak month since the legal market opened in 2018. The previous record was set in March when dispensaries stormed at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. That month, sales were just under $332 million. On a year-to-date basis, only January remained below $300 million, at $299.9 million.

Colorado, +$210 million 

In June, the state of Colorado recorded its highest cannabis sales with $198.9 million and collected $33.62 million in sales and business taxes on cannabis. While the sales figures for July are not yet known, tax reports for the month indicate that the state collected $36.13 million in taxes, and thus sales were well above those of the previous month.

Illinois, $61 million 

Illinois experienced another record month of recreational cannabis sales in July. Illinois reported nearly $61 million in sales of cannabis for adult use, breaking the previous record set in June of $47 million. For the first time, more than 1 million items, 1,270,063 to be precise, were purchased during the monthly reporting period.

Illinois residents accounted for $44,749,787 of cannabis sales, while out-of-state visitors purchased $16,207,193 worth of cannabis.

Oregon, $106 million 

Oregon cannabis sales also set a new monthly record in July at just over $106 million, surpassing the previous record of $103 million set in May and representing a 45% increase over 2019 sales. Up to July, annual sales were $623 million, up 43% from 2019.

Approximately 90% of these sales were in the recreational market, on which the government applies a 17% tax. The remaining 10% are medical sales that are not taxed.

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