By LeeWEpstein

May 13, 2020


Josey Whales, co-breeder of the legendary Original Glue (or GG #4, or Gorilla Glue) has passed away, leaving behind a legacy loaded with THC, terpenes, and relaxation.

The Genesis of Glue

In 2014, at the age of 63, Josey and his partner Lone Whatty were working on Diesel and Chem, looking for power with a hint of diesel and an aftertaste of chocolate. A few lucky accidents led to a Diesel triple-cross, with Thai Chocolate and some other genetic inheritance.

Legend has it that the first Glue crop was so resinous that a head stuck to Josey’s phone, just like the Super Glue commercials.

Within a few years of its creation, Gorilla Glue became so popular that its creators fell in love with the ultra-adhesive glue brand “Gorilla Glue” from which they had taken their name. The variety was then renamed GG4 but will be remembered as Gorilla Glue.

The THC levels of GG4 are relatively high, as is its terpene composition. Josey sometimes recommended Original Glue for the relief of PTSD, with some patients reporting that it helped them sleep without nightmares or dreams.

Both breeders have protected their creations to prevent fake varieties from misleading customers. Licensed clones and crosses are grown in several legal markets in the United States, particularly in Washington and Colorado. Royalties on each sale go to GG Strains and the families of the two men. Whatty died in 2019.

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