By LeeWEpstein

August 3, 2020


Joe Biden, the presumed Democratic candidate for the U.S. presidency, said Tuesday that criminal records from cannabis convictions were a systemic barrier and had a disproportionate impact on communities of color.

In a speech on racial equity and the economy, the former vice president said that “getting caught for cannabis when you’re young should certainly not deprive you, for the rest of your life, of having a well-paying job or career. or a loan or renting an apartment. 


“Right now, that criminal record is a burden that is holding back too many people of color, as well as many whites, and the process of erasing those records could be “complicated and costly in states where records kept he said 

Biden said that more states should “recognize the severe costs to their economies of people with criminal records for acts who cannot fully contribute to their full capacity.

The mechanisms for erasing records in the United States are state-dependent and are often extremely complex, far from automated.

As part of my plan, if a state decides to implement automatic systems for the closure or removal of criminal records for non-violent offenses, the federal government will help set up the process and provide funding to arrange and carry out the process,” he said. 

This is what racial equity in our economy should look like,” he said.

Biden’s new racial equity plan says it “will make a second chance possible for all Americans through helping states modernize criminal justice data infrastructure and adopt automatic record deletion for specific non-violent offenses.

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