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After Italy’s emotional upheaval, which had “legalized” light cannabis with 0.5% THC. A decision that eventually froze in the Senate. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte clarified the government’s position at a press conference. Addressing the two hot topics of the moment in Italy on cannabis.

to an open-ended question, he said that the recent Court of Cassation ruling on
cannabis “is neither a law nor a bill, so the government has every right
and responsibility to deal with this issue.

The Prime Minister referred to the decision of the Italian Court of Cassation, which ruled that the home cultivation of cannabis for personal use was not illegal. Self-cultivation is not legal as it stands, but in the event of legal proceedings. The judges also have a strong element of comparison, namely a discharge at the highest level of the judicial ladder for the cultivation of cannabis for personal use.

Giuseppe Conte continues on the subject of light cannabis and promises an imminent outcome.

Light Cannabis

There was an amendment in the [finance law] that was a little misunderstood because it was interpreted as the liberalization of soft drugs, that was not the theme. We’re talking about a few thousand companies. Over 10 thousand farmers who are involved in this industry. We’re talking about very low doses, so we’re not talking about drugs.

“This is a subject to which we can return, probably because this amendment, beyond the announcement effect, has not been sufficiently studied, and has rovoked reactions of surprise even within the majority forces. We will come back to it to reflect, I hope that there will be a calm reflection with which we will assess all the advantages and disadvantages, not only the economic but also the cultural impacts, and together we will find a solution.

A recent
study estimated the number of self-cultivation of cannabis in Italy at 100,000.
As for light cannabis, there are about 3,000 companies and 10,000 employees.

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