By LeeWEpstein

October 2, 2019

This is very important news in the study and science of cannabinoids. It is the first human trial ever to investigate the relationship between the CBD and cancer in the treatment of cancer symptoms.

Because several patients’ testimonials about the healing powers of cannabis in the fight against cancer are everywhere on the Internet.

The stories are too numerous and personal to ignore or to consider as mere hysteria/placebo. 

Reports of cannabis as helping patients with chemotherapy and radiation therapy by effectively treating nausea, vomiting and cancer pain are also numerous. 

Unfortunately, research on cannabis and cancer was delayed for years and science can not draw from these personal stories.

Therefore,Doctors are reluctant to prescribe anything that is not fully tested and has a strong safety profile.

Dr. Pippa Hawley, Palliative Care Specialist and Medical Director at BC Cancer, will spearhead the clinical trial.

Besides,she is familiar with the CBD oil prescription for her palliative patients.

Anonymous donors funded the study for $ 1 million.Moreover,active data collection will take place over 48 days, divided into three cycles.

The participants will number 150 and will be from the following geographic areas: Vancouver, Abbotsford, Prince George, Victoria, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Kingston, and Toronto. 

Cannabis and Cancer: Ratios and Placebo

For this study, 3 types of CBD oil should be comparable to a placebo.

Because ,the goal is to establish how different ratios behave in the relief of cancer-related symptoms. The cannabis extracts used will be:

  1. High THC and Low CBD (THC +, CBD-)
  2. Low THC and high CBD (THC-, CBD +)
  3. Equal amounts of THC and CBD (1: 1)
  4. Placebo

Firstly, each participant will take drops in one of the four non-labeled oil vials for four days. 

Also,the initial dosage will be three drops in the morning and 1 to 3 additional drops every four hours (depending on the mass). 

Participants will then adjust the dosage based on symptom mitigation (using a scale) and tolerable side effects of cannabis.

Symptoms taken into account include nausea, vomiting, pain, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.

Information on the first dose for CBD and cancer

Finally,the results of this study will confirm anecdotal evidence on the effectiveness of cannabis in the treatment of cancer-related symptoms.

Equally importantly, oncologists will have information on the CBD dosage to their cancer patients. 

Dr. Pippa thinks the study will reveal the superior ratio in treating cancer-related symptoms: high THC, CBD or 1: 1. She quickly added:

“Although the results of this study allow us to identify the symptoms that respond to the types of cannabinoids, further research will be needed to more accurately understand the most effective dosage required for each symptom, depending on their nature. gravity. “

Support the sickest patients

Although the study includes only cancer-stable patients, it can be assumed that sicker patients who undergo intensive treatment will respond to CBD in the same way.

Finally,Dr. Pippa is confident that the results of this study can be extrapolated to the larger population of cancer patients.

      We hope that this study will pave the way for even larger trials on humans so that the use of CBD oil in the treatment of cancer symptoms can be streamlined and made available to all patients

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