By LeeWEpstein

July 22, 2020


Two Secretaries of State of the island of Guernsey have submitted a proposal to legalize cannabis “in the same way as in Canada.”

The amendment was forwarded last week to the Committee on Home Affairs as part of a justice review report :

To instruct the Home Affairs Committee to consult with relevant stakeholders and to return appropriate proposals by July 2021 at the latest, recommending the introduction of a statutory regime, similar to that of countries such as Canada, to allow the legal and regulated production, distribution, sale and possession of quality-controlled cannabis for recreational purposes.

The proposal stipulates that the Committee on Home Affairs has one year to collect information and present its full case for a legal regime on cannabis.

The amendment was proposed by MEPs Marc Leadbetter and Charles Parkinson, along with another harm reduction amendment to reconsider Guernsey’s approach to controlling the “possession and use of cannabis (especially in small quantities for personal use)” to achieve more positive results in the fight against alcohol and substance abuse and domestic violence.

The island, a dependency of the British Crown, has almost complete autonomy over its internal affairs. Drug legislation can, therefore, adopted without the approval of the British government.

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    You have brought up a very good points, thanks for the post.

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