By LeeWEpstein

October 28, 2019

The National Assembly voted the amendment on the experimentation of therapeutic cannabis in France. Approximately 3000 patients will be able to legally benefit from cannabis treatment in 2020, and for two years.

The framework of the experimentation of medical cannabis is active since this summer. On the other hand, the ANSM formed a CSE at the beginning of the month to define the operational modalities of this test. So,it remains to design and set up a patient registry, train volunteer doctors to experiment and source medical cannabis abroad.

While this experiment is globally famous as a breakthrough for the relevant patients . The limit nature of this test is critical. Bertrand Rambaud, member of the future CST, said: “Today there is enough scientific research that demonstrates medical cannabis efficiency. The International Association of Medical Cannabis identified 41 pathologies.We are already late, we continue to fall behind. During this time, sick people suffer. […] Even if it is too slow, we are in a political time while patients need therapeutic cannabis now, […] it is a step forward compared to the situation for several years.

Finally, medical cannabis could be definitively legal in France

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