By LeeWEpstein

November 28, 2019

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has categorized hallucinogenic fungi as a “revolutionary therapy” for major depressive disorders (MDD), an approach that will accelerate the search for new drugs from psilocybin. This classification was created in 2012 to guide the research and product development of drugs from substances with high potential in relation to existing options and for patients with serious or life-threatening diseases.

Psilocybin for depression

In fact, the first research on “revolutionary therapy” for depression attributed to the Usona Institute. It launched a Phase II clinical trial to determine the efficacy of psilocybin against depression. The Usona Institute is a non-profit medical research organization . It conducts and supports preclinical and clinical research to better understand the therapeutic effects of psilocybin and other drugs designed to develop consciousness. Also, Usona is currently recruiting volunteers for the clinical trial.

In the United States, at least 17 million adults suffer from depression. The leading cause of disability in the country for people aged 15 to 44, or 7%. Besides ,previous research has shown that terminally ill patients treated with psilocybin have a significant decrease in depression and anxiety. A similar study is underway in Melbourne, Australia.

“The results of previous studies clearly demonstrate the remarkable potential of psilocybin as a treatment for patients with MDD. Therefore, Usona is now seeking to confirm in its own clinical trials.” . Said Charles Raison, MD, Director of Clinical and Translational Research at Usona.

Although psilocybin is on the list of American narcotics, in Appendix I alongside cannabis. But, some local jurisdictions have begun to relax their laws on hallucinogenic fungi. Also,in May, Denver residents voted in favor of a measure to decriminalize the possession of psilocybin fungi by adults. In june, a similar measure to decriminalize the possession of psilocybin fungi and other entheogenic plants approved by the leaders of the city of Oakland, California.

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