By Lucas De Vries

January 21, 2020
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Alternative, a Danish environmentalist party, proposes to decriminalize the use
of all drugs in the manner of Portugal in response to the failure of the

Sikandar Siddique, the spokesperson for the Alternative, believes that personal drug use should no longer be the responsibility of the judicial system, which could be replaced by a duty to provide treatment. Drug abuse is a health issue, not a punishment issue, so we must help, not prosecute drug addicts. The Alternative, therefore, proposes decriminalization of the simple use of drugs.

Sikandar Siddique also believes that the current hard-line against drugs has failed. Although we have a drug ban and have a very tough policy on drugs, we see that more and more young people are using drugs. Therefore we are looking at countries like Portugal, where they have reduced abuse and death rates by decriminalizing drugs.

The proposal also , follows a new report from the Center for Substance Abuse Research. Which shows that about 25,000 teenagers aged 15-24 have used cocaine in the past month. A figure that has doubled in five years.

The Alternative proposal is basically , supported by the Liberal Alliance and the Unity List. Which together account for only 21 of the 179 seats in Parliament. In contrast, the Danish People’s Party, the Radical Left or the Conservative People’s Party do not support the proposal and rely on the deterrence of justice and parental education.

In 2017, for instance , the Norwegian Parliament voted to decriminalize drugs. Also a commission linked to the Ministry of Health issued a report on 31 December 2019, and the details will be negotiated in Parliament in 2020.  In December, Norway’s Attorney General supported the initiative, as the current drug policy had not had the desired effect.

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