By LeeWEpstein

November 28, 2019

Deloitte, one of the four largest audit and consulting firms in the world. Has acquired the Canadian company Cannabis Compliance Inc. which specializes in licensing and compliance for the cannabis industry.

The newly created company will offer substantial resources and in-depth knowledge of the full spectrum of cannabis consulting. In order to provide comprehensive services to help their clients prosper.


” Canada has quickly become a world leader in the cannabis industry,” said Anthony Viel, CEO of Deloitte Canada. “As legislation evolves in other countries, it is important for companies to understand and prepare for unique risks and challenges. Companies will have to continue to innovate to ensure a healthy and sustainable competitive position. Through putting Canadian values at the forefront. We can shape the future of responsible and competitive commercial cannabis growth. In order to help the industry mature in Canada and around the world. »

” In fact, this is an exciting chapter for our company, our team, and the entire cannabis industry. As the power of CCI and Deloitte’s collective resources, will provide first-class service and capabilities to our customers. ” Said Dale Hooper, President, and CEO of CCI. “We look forward to join the Deloitte team. And to have a positive and lasting impact on the sector and the people it serves. »

” So, the addition of CCI’s experienced team increases our ability to provide end-to-end consulting services to our cannabis-using clients in Canada and around the world,” said Poonam Singh, Managing Partner of Risk Advisory for Deloitte. “This acquisition also, brings incredible talent and resources to enable us to continue to provide our clients with the ability to achieve their growth ambition responsibly. As the cannabis ecosystem continues to grow, companies will become increasingly complex, particularly in the area of cannabis regulation and compliance. CCI’s knowledge will help clients solve these problems to enable their businesses to grow and prosper. »

Furthermore ,Deloitte was already interested in analyzing and advising the cannabis industry, including regularly publishing reports on developments in the Canadian cannabis industry.

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