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February 14, 2020

Mirela Holy, a member of the Croatian Sustainable Development Party, unveiled her Lex Cannabis on Croatian radio on Tuesday evening. She also announced that the bill would be ready for parliamentary debate within a week to 10 days and that it does indeed plan to legalize cannabis.

We invite all interested parties to participate in the public debate, read the bill and comment on it. So , it provides for the legalization and liberalization of hemp, and envisages the full potential of hemp for economic, recreational and medical purposes, said Holy.

No one has died of a cannabis overdose

For example the black market’s grip on the cannabis trade, even in states or countries where it is legal, Mirela Holy has a solution. She believes that state regulation is necessary and minimizes the black market. According to her, estimates show that in Canada and the United States, annual revenues are about $43.7 billion, even though the full potential of cannabis has not been utilized. She states that it can be useful in the construction of space composites, automobiles, and the construction industry. Since Croatian society is rather closed on some issues, the question is whether the country is ready for the full legalization of cannabis. Mirela Holy answers that question:

When I started talking about it a few years ago, the reactions were terrible, but things have changed. People need to be educated and then change their attitudes. The addictive potential of cannabis is less than the addictive potential of nicotine or alcohol, and no one has died from an overdose of natural cannabis. But there are major prejudices by the interests of certain groups and industries.

Legal hemp and cannabis

Mirela Holy recalled that current models for regulating cannabis for recreational purposes are either still under State control, as in Uruguay, or are being handed over to the private sector, as in the United States. For Croatia, Mirela Holy proposed a hybrid model in the form of a state agency that would license the private sector to maintain a high level of quality in the market.

Regarding the recreational use of cannabis, each adult can have up to 9 flowering female plants with a high THC content for their needs. Hemp indeed has great economic potential, and since it is highly effective in cleaning floors, with up to 4 times more capacity to absorb CO2 [than trees]. It also has a place in the fight against climate change. The economic benefits are enormous, as for the development of science, the use of cosmetics, paper. Noted Mirela Holy.

Croatia decriminalized cannabis in 2013 and legalized its medical use in 2015.

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