By LeeWEpstein

March 20, 2020

As more and more Americans confine themselves to their homes to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, The Dandelion dispensary, owned by Native Roots, a major cannabis retailer in Colorado, received the first state license to deliver medical cannabis to patients.

Deliveries are expected to begin by the end of March.

Patients will have to register with the clinic in order to receive deliveries, a procedure that theoretically requires a physical presence in the clinic, which is “looking for a way for patients to do this remotely” given concerns about the spread of coronavirus through human contact.

Once deliveries are in place, The Dandelion will only be able to serve the cities of Boulder and Superior, a neighboring jurisdiction that also allows deliveries of medical cannabis.

The House is pleased that Boulder is leading the way in regulating cannabis deliveries. Native Roots is a prominent member not only of the cannabis industry but of the Boulder business community as a whole. Said Boulder Chamber’s Director of Public Affairs, Andrea Meneghel, in a press release.

We look forward to seeing how our companies make themselves available to patients, and how other jurisdictions will enter into policy discussions about cannabis delivery services.

Deliveries of medical cannabis have been allowed in Colorado since 2 January. As local courts also have to authorize the delivery, the licensing process by the State has been delayed. Shipments of recreational cannabis will not be authorized until January 2021 at the earliest.

Last year, Governor Jared Polis described the delivery of cannabis as a tactic to reduce impaired driving. Nevertheless, deliveries become particularly relevant in these times of social distancing. As more and more clinics adopt policies to limit the spread of the coronavirus, deliveries also offer a means of protecting vulnerable patients while ensuring access to cannabis-based treatment.

The timing is a total coincidence, but it is timely,” said Fender of Native Roots. Medical delivery is another option for patients to use social distance.

In the United States, state and jurisdictional governments are currently considering whether to allow cannabis retailers to remain open. So far, most have allowed sales to continue, although additional measures are in place to avoid transmitting the virus. Overall, cannabis shops are declared as “essential” services and continue to sell by delivery or “drive-in” to limit transmission of the virus.

The various initiatives to legalize cannabis in States are also being disrupted. In New York, the budget to be tabled before the end of April is expected to include the legalization of cannabis.

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