By LeeWEpstein

January 3, 2020

Medical marijuana delivered to your door. Recycling of marijuana product packaging. A “hospitality” license.

These are some of the changes that will take effect in Colorado’s marijuana industry on January 1. The state revenue department announced Tuesday.

The rules are the product of a handful of General Assembly bills, as well as task forces and public commentary.

We encouraged an even more collaborative approach to rule development. Where task force participants used their experience and expertise on stakeholder teams. To engage more directly in drafting the rule language. said Jim Burack, Director of the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Among the changes in the creation of a license to authorize deliveries of marijuana for medical purposes from marijuana stores to people’s homes. In 2021, there will also be a license authorizing deliveries of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Marijuana establishments will also be able to collect containers, packaging, and cartridges for recycling. Industrial hemp, which is currently only available for sale in medical marijuana stores, will also be allowable at recreational marijuana retailers.

There will be a new class of business license for “host marijuana” establishments. These are establishments that allow the use of marijuana on-site and businesses that sell and provide consumption on site.

Hospitality licenses may also apply to mobile establishments, which include any “self-propelled vehicle that is designed primarily for use on public roads and is generally and commonly used to transport persons and goods on public roads or a low-speed electric vehicle”. Electric bicycles, scooters, and wheelchairs are not eligible.

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