By LeeWEpstein

November 30, 2020


The project of legalization of cannabis in Colombia passed a first committee of the Senate on November 25. The text was approved by 11 votes and 3 opposed.

The initiative establishes a new regulation on adult cannabis use, in particular, to take control of this illicit trade out of the hands of the mafias operating in the country.

This project takes the pulse of history. It is not a temporary project. It is the moment for Colombia to break the backbone of the curse of drug trafficking that has destroyed everything. I’m also happy that it has the imprint of LSD thinking [editor’s note: the Liberales Sociales Demócratas]. The Social-Liberal Democrats are convinced that Colombia will change its history if we succeed in eradicating drug trafficking at its roots,” said Senator Roy Barreras, co-author of the proposal.


Barreras insisted that “prohibition is a crime. Legalization, decriminalization and regulation are an economical solution, and this curse of drug trafficking is not solved with moral positions, but with economical solutions”.

For his part, Senator Gustavo Bolívar stressed that this is a “historic day for Colombia” and that he is already preparing to bring the debate to the plenary.

If the government, if the government bench would allow the regulation of cannabis, I assure you that in five years we would regulate cocaine and we would end the trade that has been cross-cutting to all our violence over the last 30 or 40 years. Cocaine and cannabis have been used to finance guerrilla groups, paramilitaries, to finance the Bacrim that have been hitting Colombia’s territories,” said Bolívar.

Cannabis legalization project rejected in the House of Representatives

On November 4, the House of Representatives, the lower house of the Colombian congress, tried to get the regulation of adult and industrial cannabis approved in Colombia but failed to achieve a majority with 102 votes against and 52 in favor. Opponents of legalization highlighted, among other things, the protection of children and the physical damage of cannabis.

It remains to be seen whether the Senate will succeed in legalizing cannabis in Colombia.

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