By LeeWEpstein

March 24, 2020

In Bolivia, the government is studying the legalization of medical cannabis. The secretary of the Anti-Narcotics Committee of the House of Representatives, Brígida Quiroga, reported that there is a bill to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. The initiative has been put on hold due to the post-election conflicts in 2019 and the change of government.

The Bolivian government has been working on the law on medical cannabis. The country already has a project in which it has worked with some associations that use this substance as a medicine. The legislator explained.

However, Calani said that before promoting any regulation, a study should be carried out to define which sectors would benefit from such legalization.

Bolivia cannot move away from the reality of what is happening in neighboring countries. You cannot prevent people from benefiting from it.

The bill, added Brigida Quiroga, was shared with specialists who are already working on the use of cannabis oil to relieve certain pathologies.

In Bolivia, there are already cases of people who have been treated with this oil and who have benefited greatly from it. There are cases in Cochabamba and here in La Paz. They are not only users but for professionals who are already accompanying the use of this oil with very good results. She said.

Bolivia’s drug law, passed in 2017, already opens up the possibility of regulating cannabis for medical purposes. However, the article allows only “chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories and industries” to manufacture drugs with certain controlled substances from Annex 1 of the U.N. Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, of which cannabis is a part.

The cultivation, sale or possession of cannabis is currently illegal in Bolivia.

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