By LeeWEpstein

August 13, 2020


The Arizona Secretary of State’s office certified the signatures collected to show the referendum for the legalization of cannabis in the state in the November vote. Secretary Katie Hobbs announced that it would, therefore, be listed on the ballot for the upcoming general election as Proposition 207.

If passed, the text will legalize the possession and use of cannabis for adults 21 years of age or older and allow adults to grow only up to six cannabis plants for personal use in the home.

The Arizona Department of Health and Human Services would be responsible for adopting rules to regulate cannabis, including the licensing of retail stores, grow operations and production facilities.

A 16% tax would apply to cannabis sales, and the revenue would go primarily to fund cannabis regulation. The remaining revenues will split among the following departments:

  • 33% for community college districts
  • 31.4% for municipal police and fire departments and fire districts
  • 25.4% for the national road users’ income fund
  • 10% for the justice reinvestment fund
  • 0.2 percent for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office 

The initiative would also give local governments the power to prohibit cannabis shops or cultivation sites and would grant local control over regulatory elements such as zoning or licensing. Anyone convicted of cannabis-related crimes would be able to apply to have a criminal record expunged as of 12 July 2021.

Six more US states may vote to legalize cannabis use this November.

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