By LeeWEpstein

October 29, 2020


The municipality of Rosario, Argentina, has acted the creation of a registry of cannabis cultivation for therapeutic use, which will allow patients or caregivers to cultivate their treatment without fear of criminal sanction. Earlier this year, it was the city of Santa Fe that deployed the same system.

Since the Argentine Congress approved Law 27350, which establishes a regulatory framework for medical and scientific research on the medical use of cannabis and its derivatives, many of the country’s provinces and various municipalities have created their projects on the subject.

Coronavirus pandemic delayed the national political debate. The latter was to proceed to reform the regulations of Law 27.350, which envisaged self-cultivation. In the same framework, it postponed the consideration of cannabis’s possible legalization.

The ordinance passed by the Rosario City Council will lead to the creation of enforcement authority and a Policy Advisory Council on Cannabis and Cannabis Derivatives, which will develop the criteria and protocols that will allow the implementation of the registry.

The Advisory Council created will establish the conditions for registration, analyze registration applications, and provide a certificate of registration to those who register. Medical cannabis consumers and third-party supportive growers, and civil society organizations dedicated to the subject that performs growing and producing cannabis derivatives to be listed.

Although this ordinance does not modify the Argentinean drug law, it legitimizes and legally supports the work of organizations, their patients, and growers in a specific territory.

This initiative, presented by the Ciudad Futura / FSP block, is the result of a long-term work of civil associations dedicated to therapeutic cannabis, including AUPAC, the Association of Cannabis Users and Professionals, which called for public health policies for equitable access to the benefits of the plant. Since its creation in 2017, AUPAC has been advising thousands of patients on their journey with medical cannabis.

We have been providing our knowledge, expertise, body, and flowers to universities, legislators, and the community for many years. That’s why today we are celebrating this “small but big” step,” said an AUPAC spokesperson. 


It is the cannabis organizations, not the war on drugs, that have put in place mechanisms with various public agencies, such as the University, to prevent thousands of people, people in our city from being scammed by illegal market products or falling into oblivion. We receive daily referrals from health centers, neighborhood organizations, public and geriatric hospitals. 

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