By LeeWEpstein

July 17, 2020


Yesterday, the Argentinean health minister presented a proposal to authorize the cultivation of cannabis in the home and the sale of medical cannabis in pharmacies. The measure will also guarantee free access to medical marijuana to all patients, regardless of their medical coverage.

Argentina officially legalized medical cannabis in 2017, but the current law allows only cannabis oil for refractory epilepsy in children, not covering the needs of patients who continued to depend on the illicit market when they became untreated.

With this new regulation, the federal government of Argentina will allow the personal cultivation of cannabis to all patients, researchers, or consumers who register with the country’s national cannabis program, REPROCANN. Personal information about producers will remain anonymous. Limits on the number of plants allowed per person have not yet defined.

The law will also allow the production of cannabis actives, creams, and oils in pharmacies participating in the program. This measure will make it possible for people who are not part of REPROCANN to obtain cannabis-based medicines in pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription.

Patients in the latter category will have to have an identified medical condition, as the list has not yet published.

Argentina will also begin to develop a national cannabis production plan. Emphasis will focus on research and development in universities, laboratories, and research institutes, as well as on incentives that will help the production of cannabis from public laboratories.

With a population of more than 44 million, Argentina is one of the most important markets for cannabis in Latin America. Neighbouring Brazil announced a similar measure last year. Colombia now leads the region in terms of regulatory development and business presence.

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