By LeeWEpstein

November 13, 2020


Argentina has legalized the self-cultivation of medical cannabis, in addition to allowing the sale of oils, creams, and other cannabis derivatives in licensed pharmacies. The new regulation was signed by Argentine President Alberto Fernández and published in the Official Gazette. The country legalized medical cannabis in 2017.

There was an urgent need to create a regulatory framework that would allow quick, safe, inclusive and protective access for those who need to use cannabis as a therapeutic tool,” says the release.

Among other aspects that stand out from this regulation, the law includes the authorization of personal and networked cultivation for consumers, researchers, and patients who register with the National Cannabis Program (Reprocann) of the Ministry of Health.

Patients can register to obtain authorization for cultivation for themselves, through a family member, a third party, or a civil organization authorized by the law enforcement authority. Anyone who has a medical indication and has subscribed to the corresponding informed consent, under the conditions established by the program,” establishes the document.


The present regulation establishes a specific registry for users who cultivate cannabis for medicinal, therapeutic, and/or palliative purposes, as well as promoting the creation of a network of associated public and private laboratories that guarantee the control of the derivatives produced”, he adds.

The legalization of cannabis is a victory for the activists and supporters of its use for medical purposes, who were already managing to open up the fields of the possible city by city. “Networks have been organized, and civil organizations have been created that currently enjoy not only legal recognition but also social legitimacy,” the statement adds.

Also, the regulation will make it possible to control the quality of cannabis products and to open a company in Argentina to export and import cannabis products.

The project was presented by the Argentinean Health Minister last July.

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