By LeeWEpstein

December 17, 2019

Over the past 10 months, the Argentine provincial government, the National University and the National Secretariat of Science and Technology have been working to launch a research project on cannabis for medical purposes.

This 10 month effort culminated in the recent signing of an agreement between the Argentine Ministry of Science and Technology and a local government, the National University and other entities.

As cannabis laws around the world continue to be reformed, the stigma surrounding medical cannabis is fading. Also , an increasing number of patients turn to cannabis as a remedy.

In addition to medical use, there is renewed global interest in the emerging cannabis industry. Argentina’s efforts will focus on both aspects.

What will the medical research project consist of?
  • Most medical research efforts on cannabis fall into 2 categories. The first is to research the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant for various conditions.
  • The second, a smaller body of research, explores the medical cannabis industry and its impact on various sectors of society.
  • The research effort on cannabis for medical purposes in Argentina will focus on both the therapeutic aspect and the emerging medical cannabis industry, particularly at the local level.
  • “This is an important project not only from a scientific point of view but also because of its social impact in terms of job creation and especially in regional economies,” said Lino Barañao, Secretary for Science and Technology, according to the Argentine national news agency.
  • “We support everything that concerns the diversification of rural production, since , it is a global challenge and it is an alternative,” he added.
  • The information that Argentina will compile as part of its research efforts will help indeed , the South American nation position itself to become a major international cannabis exporter.
  • Agriculture currently accounts for 54% of Argentina’s exports, with wheat being the main agricultural export.
  • It will be very interesting to see what role technology plays in optimizing the medical cannabis industry in Argentina.

A financial boost in rural areas

A strong medical cannabis industry would be advantageous therefore, to Argentina in many aspects. As the Argentine Secretary of Science and Technology pointed out, the industry is a job creator.

In fact , in Argentina, local economies need all the jobs they can get. Moreover , the international demand for cannabis is already huge and continues to increase.

The vibrant medical cannabis industry in Argentina would create jobs throughout the country, including in rural areas where employment is particularly difficult for many people to obtain.

Technology is limited in rural areas of Argentina due to limited financial resources. However, the cannabis industry would radically change this dynamic.

Argentina would receive international dollars, in addition to the boost to local economies that would come from the domestic cannabis trade.

Also, workers would likely be able to enjoy safe access to a proven drug (cannabis), which would make them healthier and, therefore, happier and more productive.

The right timing for the continent

The research effort is timely, because, many South American countries are reforming their cannabis laws and seeking to make significant efforts to enter the cannabis export market.

A research project also will provide an overview from which all South American countries could benefit.

Many industry-oriented research projects focus on North America and/or Europe. So, each continent is different in terms of industry best practices.

Whatever functions in Europe may not function for South America. However, what works in Argentina can work very well in neighboring countries.

South America, including Argentina, is indeed an important source of agricultural products for the rest of the world. As with wheat, so will cannabis with the help of this new research effort.

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