By LeeWEpstein

November 21, 2019

As a result of the THC adulterated product crisis, Apple suddenly eliminated all nicotine and cannabis vaporization applications, leaving some users without a solution to control the temperature of their devices.

In fact,the deletion occurred on the store on Friday, November 15, stopping the download and sale of 181 vape applications ranging from temperature control software and other vaporizer settings to news, social networks and specialized sites on the subject.

The ban will have a direct impact on the use of sprayers from brands such as Pax and G-Pen, which allow users to adjust temperature settings, lighting colors and consumption patterns through compatible applications.

A corporate and superfluous position

Apple explained that its anti-mugging rules were a direct reaction to the country’s current health crisis. However, while the many respiratory accidents resulting from the use of the black market and adulterated products containing a specific additive. Therefore , Apple has decided to eliminate a whole category of products from their blinds.

“We are ensuring that the App Store is a trusted place where customers, especially young people, can download applications,” the release said. “We continuously evaluate applications and consult the latest factual data to determine the health risks to users. Also,recently, CDC experts at the American Heart Association have attributed a variety of lung damage and death to vaporizing products, even designating the spread of these public health crisis devices. So,we agree with this and have updated our guidelines to indicate that applications that encourage or facilitate the use of these products are not permitted. So far, these applications are no longer available for download. ┬╗

Applications that have already been downloaded will continue to work as expected, but new users will no longer be able to download them. Or by switching to Android.

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