By LeeWEpstein

November 4, 2019

Up to 20,000 patients in the UK will receive medical cannabis over 2 years as part of an initiative to create the largest data set in Europe.

Although medical cannabis is legal in the United Kingdom a year ago, it remains inaccessible to many patients… “Medical cannabis is still out of reach for far too many people,” said Professor David Nutt of Drug Science

“Patients are heavily indebted because of the cost of prescriptions from the private sector. Or criminalized when they turned to the black market. They don’t deserve any of this, and the prescription situation must change.”

The project – launched and supported by the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) – . Aims to create the largest database on medical cannabis in Europe. In order to convince decision-makers that the plant should be made as widely available and affordable as other drugs.

Since legalization, doctors have been reluctant to prescribe cannabis because of the supposed lack of evidence of its effectiveness. They also fear that it may be overvalued by a nascent industry focused on profit maximization.

The Twenty21 project will study the effects of cannabis on patients with chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, anxiety disorders or a history of substance abuse.

“The PCR hopes that this project will address the lack of evidence on the use of cannabis-based medicinal products in all health settings, including mental health,” said Professor Wendy Burn, President of the PCR.

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