By LeeWEpstein

April 3, 2020


An Italian company has developed an alcohol-free hand disinfectant and antibacterial gel based on Cannabis oil. Its name, Dermogel. A revolutionary idea and a product that works very well: hundreds of thousands of bottles have already been ordered by the United Kingdom.

The Milan-based company Freia Farmaceutici is a pioneering Italian company in the development of medical devices and supplements based on Cannabis Sativa.

Thanks to its leading position in this segment, in 2019 it obtained a $5 million loan from a Canadian fund, LGC Capital Ltd, to continue developing its products.

Thus Freia Farmaceutici announced at the end of March the arrival on the market of a new antibacterial hand disinfectant gel, alcohol-free and based on Cannabis.


As early as 2010, Freia Farmaceutici launched a series of experiments on suitable formulations to ensure the process of disinfecting the skin without causing any potential damage, especially eczema and dermatitis.

Unlike disinfectant products currently on the market, the innovative solution does not contain alcohol. This has the disadvantage that the skin is very dry and therefore continuous and prolonged use can have negative effects on the epidermis.

The research carried out in our laboratories has demonstrated the disinfectant effectiveness of our conjugate of Cannabis oil and essential oils also against the presence of pathogens. We are therefore concentrating most of our efforts on accelerating and increasing the production of Dermogel in order to be able to make our contribution to good hand hygiene by following the WHO guidelines.

In this way, we are trying to limit the risks of COVID-19 contagion at this difficult time for our country and beyond. “says Alessandro Cavalieri, CEO of Freia Farmaceutici .

The first 4,000 bottles of Dermogel have already been sold in five days. But another 40,000 are about to be launched on the Italian market. The company has stepped up production to cope with the high number of requests due to the coronavirus emergency.

Freia is also working on exporting Dermogel abroad. From the United States and the United Kingdom: 50,000 bottles have already been requested for this country.

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