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Answer the question “what is the strongest cannabis variety? “is not necessarily easy. Certainly, one of the breeders’ obsessions is to develop cannabis varieties with ever higher THC levels.

But the same variety grown by two different people, with different environmental conditions, cultivation techniques and phenotypes, will not have the same THC content.

Even with these differences, some varieties tend to express higher THC levels, due to their genetic heritage and the breeding talents of their creators.

here are 5 of the strongest cannabis strains, which have won awards for their potency .

           Chiquita Banana

  Chiquita Banana contains 33% THC, half as much as most Amsterdam weed. A hybrid type with a dominant Sativa, it is known to make people talk. Chiquita Banana finished 3rd of the hybrids at the Cannabis Cup North California in 2015. Very sweet, she looks like her cousin Banana Kush, also known for her ability to stimulate discussion.


Created by Mandala Seeds, Satori is a genetic mix carefully guarded by the distributor. The Satori is available for about $15 per gram in American clinics. Cultivable in Europe, it has the particularity of having heads down to the bottom of the plant during flowering. It is recommended for patients with poor appetite, who suffer from headaches, to treat anxiety and depression.

      Girl Scout Cookies

With its innocent name reminiscent of cookies sold by American Girl Scouts, this cannabis variety is a hit in American clinics. Titillating the 28% THC, the Girl Scout Cookies has kept the shape of the OG Kush, and the aromas of the Durban Poison with which it has been crossed. The result of this hybrid is a powerful variety, which flowers in 67 days. No wonder it is used as a base for Kurupt’s Moonrock.


       Y Griega

80% Sativa, Y Griega is a blend of Amnesia Haze and Kali Mist. It regularly reaches 27% THC and is available in European growshops. Its fruity aromas rival its powerful high due to its predominantly sativa heritage.

     Bruce Banner

Named after the Hulk, the Bruce Banner is no joke. This third version of the Bruce Banner is a blend of OG Kush and Strawberry. Soft and powerful at the same time, its THC level reaches 30%. Enough to make  some people go all green.

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