The use of cannabis for medical purposes can be very expensive for its beneficiaries. Some of them have to use several grams of CBD a week to relieve their pain.

Does Medicare cover CBD?

Because of their financial situation, some people sometimes have to make heartbreaking choices between CBD and other essential commodities. The provincial government could pay a portion of the costs associated with the purchase of CBD for medical purposes, particularly for the less fortunate population classes.

Drugs are expensive, and the government pays for many patients’ drugs. From our point of view, cannabis for therapeutic purposes is a drug. In this context, the government should cover CBD as if it were a drug.

Currently, cannabis is not a drug approved by the FDA it has no legal recognition in the country as a drug.

More than $4,200 per year

A 45-year-old Boston resident with multiple sclerosis, Joshua McCarthy, admits that he sometimes struggles to pay for his heavy use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

To get his CBD Mr. McCarthy estimates that he must pay more than $4,200 per year to relieve his pain.

“Sometimes I have to do without CBD altogether or take OPIOIDS because I don’t have the money to pay for my CBD,” he explained. The government’s financial support could allow me to always have CBD to treat my suffering, control my nausea and help me sleep.”

A former employee of a body shop company, Mr. McCarthy says he currently lives on a premium paid by his disability insurance. His wife also has a job and he is the father of two teenagers. In this context, unfortunately, an amount of more than $4,200 annually takes up a lot of space in the family budget.

Due to the federal illegality, Medicare doesn’t cover CBD oil.

Even though trials all around the United States show that CBD works.

      Federal law says cannabis is still illegal and most large insurance companies operate in several states, they don’t want to risk prosecution. Even in states where it’s legal.However for an insurance company to cover anything, it must first be approved by the FDA

In short,Coverage still isn’t within arm’s reach or is too expensive for many individuals, so many have never had the opportunity to see a therapist or receive treatment.

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