The action of Cannabidiol alone is now recognized and studied by many scientists. From now on, it is its involvement in other medical processes that are being studied. CBD can increase the effectiveness of antibiotics against certain bacteria.

According to fundamental research conducted at the School of Humanities at London Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, CBD could increase the effectiveness of standard antibiotic therapy.

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CBD & antibiotics

Generally,membrane vesicles (MV) released by bacteria participate in cellular communication and human-pathogen interactions. Also,scientists have discovered that the antibacterial effects of CBD could in part be attributed to effects on the vesicles of the bacterial membrane.

In fact,in this study, we examined whether the known antibacterial effects of cannabidiol (CBD), a Phytocannabinoid of Cannabis sativa, could be attributed in part to effects on bacterial profile and MV release.

So,they found that CBD was a potent inhibitor of membrane vesicle release by Gram-negative bacteria (E. coli VCS257), while the inhibitory effect on MV release by Gram-positive bacteria (S. aureus, subspecies aureus Rosenbach) was negligible.

When used in combination with selected antibiotics, CBD has significantly increased the bactericidal action of several antibiotics in Gram-negative bacteria. Also, CBD increased the antibiotic effects of kanamycin in Gram-positive bacteria, without affecting the release of MV. Besides, CBD modified the protein profiles of MVs released by E. coli after 1 hour of CBD processing.

In conclusion,CBD can be a putative adjuvant for customized application with selected antibiotics, depending on bacterial species, to increase antibiotic activity, including through MV inhibition, and to help reduce antibiotic resistance.

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