By LeeWEpstein

October 17, 2019


CBD regulates the homeostasis of your body: it acts on the receptors of the endocannabinoid system that each mammal has.

Thus, it regulates the essential functions of your body, to allow it to evolve in all symbiosis: sleep, appetite, energy, joy, muscle aches, anxiety, vomiting, digestive problems, etc….

CBD and colds could, therefore, have to do with. It has a very important asset: it does not cause dependence or addiction, once CBD has helped the body to harmonize again, the body will no longer need CBD.

As winter approaches, the diseases that are conducive to this kind of season are coming: colds, coughs, flu, etc….

To avoid them, of course, you must adapt your diet to the temperatures, and be careful to consume enough minerals, vitamins and other important elements such as oils, fruits, and vegetables in season.

CBD & colds

In addition to a healthy diet, CBD can help you more easily resist the exogenous attacks of winter.

By strengthening your immune system, CBD will allow you to fight these viruses more effectively in a biological way. The latest research clearly shows that cannabinoids (secreted naturally by the body or used as food supplements) can influence the functioning of immune system cells in humans, such as animals, by causing cytokine production in the event of exogenous attacks or autoimmune disorders.

These numerous studies have studied the effects of the endocannabinoid system on different aspects (appetite, sleep, blood sugar, obesity, pain, stress, anxiety, mood, etc.) and tend to prove that receptors do play a positive role in maintaining homeostasis, i. e. the internal balance of the human body.

CBD has also been cited several times for its effectiveness against chronic sinusitis. Many people use it during their seizures and are delighted with it.

CBD, known for its benefits on pain and inflammation, is, therefore, a useful dietary supplement as we approach these cold seasons

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