By LeeWEpstein

October 24, 2018


Cannabis can facilitate laughing, which in turn can be a synergistic drug to treat the mind and body.


“Laughter is the best cure” – we’ve all heard that. What we might not have heard is that laughter is not only a medicine for the mind. It is also a medicine for the body.

The Laughter Yoga

Laughter, with the deep spiritual comfort, reflective mindset, and friendliness that cannabis brings, make bud a powerful ally in its quest for holistic health. The medicinal properties of cannabis go beyond the physiological benefits of CBD and the psychological effects of THC, in a healing synergy between mind and body.


A body of research has discovered various aspects of the curative effects of laughter on the body. Jacqueline Domhoff from Peru managed to reduce her ovarian tumor by 20 cm in 6 months largely through daily laughing exercises.

Laughter also increases the flow in the lymphatic system, and with it, it is also thought to increase your immunity, especially against cancer. It also improves the function of blood vessels, helping them to relax and develop, and providing the heart and brain with a constant flow of oxygen.

The lymphatic system (and immune system)

Michael Miller, MD, University of Maryland, published a study that found that laughter can have just as positive effects on arteries as an aerobic activity because it helps the endothelium regulate blood flow.

“Endothelium is the first line in the development of atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries,” explains Dr. Miller. “So, given the results of our study, it is conceivable that laughter is important to maintain a healthy endothelium. And reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

Norman Cousins, MD, a researcher on the role of the mind in the fight against disease (especially cancer), talks in his book Head First: Biology of Hope about his incredible recovery from cancer. He explains how 10 minutes of laughter had an anesthetic effect that helped him sleep a few hours without pain and finally played a central role in his recovery.


Laughing in the face of danger is an attribute that separates winners from losers. A humorous and light approach to fighting disease as frightening as cancer influences not only the results but also the process. No matter how much time patients spend with their loved ones, they will have to spend a lot of time alone with their illness, and cannabis can make this business much more enjoyable.

The effects of cannabis on patients may be somewhat similar to those of a dramatic comedy. Cannabis does not simply allow a temporary escape in the form of laughter like normal comedies. It also induces a reflexive state of mind that can help patients reassess their situation by giving them a new perspective and distance from the disease.

Consuming cannabis can lead patients to have an aerial view of cancer, which does not seem as important as the big picture…


Anyone who has been seriously ill or has had a loved one in a similar situation knows the embarrassment that hangs in the air. Even among the closest family and friends.

Similar to an invitation to dinner, cannabis can be the perfect pretext for a visit, not the whole reason. It relaxes the tension and helps to eliminate barriers for patients and loved ones, simply by creating an atmosphere.

Cannabis, with all the laughter and interconnected thought galaxies it brings, can open a new dimension, where even the deadliest disease seems a little less frightening. Better still, this dimension can give rise to a domino effect of psychological and physiological benefits that can not only make a smaller monster look smaller, but also help patients to defeat it completely

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