By LeeWEpstein

December 17, 2019


The Peruvian authorities actually launched the country’s medical cannabis program last week by publishing the rules for the production and distribution of cannabis. The country had already published most of the rules by decree earlier this year but did not indicate how companies could apply for the necessary licenses to enter the industry.

Peru also imported its first medical cannabis products, a CBD oil derived from Anden Naturals, which has facilities in Peru and Oregon.

Types of licenses

Under the new rules, licenses will be available for research, production, import, wholesale marketing, seed production and retail sales of cannabis. To obtain a license, applicants will be required to submit detailed information, including plans for agricultural seed production at harvest and safety protocols.

Regulators have also published rules that will allow companies holding production licenses to import seeds from other countries, including Colombia. However, it appears that there is currently a lack of export procedures for cannabis products, which would allow Peruvian companies to join the global cannabis market.

Although there is still more detail that regulators need to understand, these guidelines represent the initial building blocks that will allow Peru to create a framework for companies to start capitalizing on different business opportunities, and joining the global cannabis industry,’ said Andrés Vázquez Vargas. Executive Director of the agricultural consulting company ACM Peru.

“The long-awaited guidelines that have just been published allow companies to really start having significant operations in the country,” he added.

Medical cannabis legalized in 2017

The therapeutic use of cannabis was legalized in Peru in 2017. when signing the legislation, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said it was time to put aside the image of cannabis as a dangerous substance.

“Here we are breaking with a myth,” he said. “Peru is turning several pages towards modernity. »

In fact, the Peruvian Congress passed the bill legalizing cannabis for medical use in response to the work of Buscando Esperanza. A group of mothers who secretly cultivated cannabis in order to create medicines for their seriously ill children. Ana Álvarez, leader of the group, was preparing tinctures for her son.

CBD for seizures

“Anthony has had severe epilepsy since he was 3 years old,” she told High Times last year. “For years, he suffered seven or eight attacks a day. Pharmaceuticals only worked for three or four months. Trying one drug after another, that’s how the years went by. We went to different neurologists; but, they all said the same thing: there is no cure. And with each crisis, neurons are killed and its situation worsens. »

With cannabis tincture, Anthony’s seizures were reduced to 2 per day and their severity decreased. He was able also to resume his studies and develop his social skills in a theatre workshop.

“He is again connected to reality,” said Ana Álvarez. “Before he was there physically, but in a world of his own. Now he can lead a dignified life. »

However, the law on medical cannabis does not allow self-production, leaving Buscando Esperanza with another battle to fight.

“This law was supposed to help us, but I’m afraid it only does the opposite,” explains Álvarez. “We are not rich. How can we afford this drug if we can no longer do it at home?”

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