By LeeWEpstein

September 30, 2019


        Migraine is a widespread phenomenon. Women are affected more often than men. Since migraine usually means not only a headache but also nausea or high sensitivity to light, ordinary analgesics medications are generally not effective. Often, affected people have to spend hours or days in a dark room and cannot move much. CBD oil is a potential effective natural remedy for migraine.

Migraine causes:

 a migraine differs greatly from ordinary headaches and also from tension headaches. The exact causes of a headache are not known, but it is assumed that some triggers could be hormonal, diet, dehydration, insomnia, anxiety and stress can also cause headaches. also, Some foods such as red wine, citrus fruits, and chocolate contain ingredients that can also serve as migraine triggers. 

Conventional treatment:

 Patients with headaches often use medications known to relieve their symptoms, including painkillers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and various anti-nausea drugs that can damage the stomach ; or the liver and nerve activity. 

In one of my latest articles, for example, I looked at a variety of studies that showed how CBD fights painkillers addictions

CBD oil the anti-migraine treatment:

 Taking CBD, according to a study by GW Pharmaceuticals, treat migraine. it is relaxing and provides a more restful sleep, taking it can prevent a headache or significantly reduce its symptoms. 

Also, CBD oil has the property of increasing serotonin levels and counteracting the dilation of blood vessels, which can even prevent a headache.

           Do you or someone you know suffer from migraines? Are conventional medicines of no help? Can’t you handle the side effects? CBD oil could be the alternative you are looking for. According to experience reports, the properties of CBD oil have an extremely positive effect on migraine and can even reduce seizures and much more significant and critical health disorders . 

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