By Lucas De Vries

April 16, 2020
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What is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is called Lyme disease or Lyme borreliosis, which is caused by the bacterium “Borrelia Burgdorferi”. It is usually transmitted to humans and animals by the bites of hard ticks during contact with nature (agricultural work or walks in the forest), mainly between March and September in Europe, i.e. in spring-summer. Lyme disease is a vector-borne disease (transmitted by a live vector: the tick) and is the most common in the northern hemisphere. Undiagnosed and/or effectively treated, it can take chronic forms.

Symptoms of Lyme disease

The first symptom is a skin lesion that appears between 3 and 30 days after the tick bite. It is an oval-shaped lesion with headaches, mild fever and/or severe fatigue, as well as nodes around the lesion. If diagnosed early, a 2 to 4-week course of antibiotics is often enough to eradicate the disease, if not your immune system.

In cases where the lesion is not treated, several weeks or months after the bite, the following disorders may appear:

  • Skin symptoms identical to the original lesion and appearing all over the body
  • Joint symptoms with inflammation of large joints such as the knees
  • Cardiac symptoms with drops in blood pressure and heart problems which, once the disease has been treated, should not lead to sequelae
  • Neurological symptoms, with meningitis in the worst case.
  • Finally, if the disease is still not treated or diagnosed at this stage, severe complications can arise months or even years later in the form of Pick Herxheimer’s disease and/or serious neurological damage that can affect the spinal cord or brain.
The effects of CBD on Lyme disease

It is clear that, as the diagnosis is not always easy, chronic forms of Lyme disease with diffuse and multi-level pain are becoming more and more frequent.

If in the United States medicalized cannabis as a treatment for pain and disease is not in doubt, in France only the CBD molecule is regulated.

CBD is the main non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant or hemp, known for its medical virtues and acting in particular on the treatment of pain and inflammation. Many researchers are interested in it for the relief of symptoms due to Lyme disease.

If cannabis (composed notably of THC and CBD) would be recognized as having effective virtues against antibiotic-resistant strains, CBD is more recognized for its anti-inflammatory virtues. Concerning Lyme disease, in particular, CBD could reduce the sensation of pain, inflammation or act on the immune system of the infected subject. Research is still ongoing and traditional and pharmaceutical treatments should not be ruled out, but the use of CBD can accompany the healing process of the patient and relieve him or her.

British Columbia medical expert Dr. Ernie Murakami has initiated research to prove that CBD could even eradicate the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease from the patient’s body.

How do I use CBD oil?

CBD oil is easy to use and is the most widely consumed form of oil. With a pipette, you can precisely dose the right amount for your needs. Several drops will be poured directly under the tongue, which will immediately make the oil components pass into the bloodstream for a quick and effective effect. As the CBD passes directly through the oral mucosa and not through the stomach, the bioavailability of the CBD will be maximal.
We advise you to leave the CBD oil for 20 seconds, to allow the CBD content to penetrate the blood.
It is important to dose the quantity as you go along and relate it to your state of fatigue. Thus, if the fatigue is more important than usual, it is better to reduce the number of drops to reach a controlled level of pain felt but without side effects of fatigue.

For Lyme disease, the recommended dose of CBD oil ranges from 10mg to 100mg per day depending on your weight and your response to CBD.

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Lyme disease and CBD
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Lyme disease and CBD
Lyme disease is called Lyme disease or Lyme borreliosis, which is caused by the bacterium "Borrelia Burgdorferi"
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