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April 10, 2020


Ibuprofen and CBD can treat pain and inflammation in the body. However, the long list of harmful side effects of ibuprofen makes it a much more dangerous option. In comparison, CBD is not only healthier, but it also helps with mental and physical well-being.

When it comes to pain and inflammation, most people rely on over-the-counter medications such as Advil and Motrin. But are they right? Although these medications are generally perceived as safe, many people experience complications and negative effects that can lead to hospitalization and even death. Therefore, using methods derived from natural products is always advisable.

One promising alternative is CBD, a cannabinoid derived from cannabis. CBD is clinically proven to reduce pain and eliminate inflammation while causing minimal side effects. Also, CBD offers many other benefits that can improve your physical or mental health. Not only is it a healthier alternative to pain medication such as ibuprofen, but it is also more convenient.

What is ibuprofen ?

Ibuprofen is a synthetic component widely used as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. It is the main ingredient in many non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, such as Advil and Motrin. Ibuprofen-based NSAIDs are among the most accessible and widely used medications in the world. Much depends on the versatility of NSAIDs. They are generally used to treat pain, reduce inflammation and fever, eliminate headaches, prevent thrombus, and many other reasons.

How ibuprofen works

When the human body undergoes trauma or physical injury, so-called prostanoid components are generated by cyclooxygenase enzymes known as COX-1 and COX-2. The prostanoids generated by the COX-2 enzymes are responsible for regulating pain and inflammation. Ibuprofen acts to constrain and inhibit these enzymes and the prostanoids they produce. Consequently, both pain and inflammation are greatly relieved or removed.

Ibuprofen is a non-selective COX inhibitor, which means that it blocks the COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes. This makes it suitable for a wide range of uses. However, it also results in more side effects than selective COX inhibitors that block only one or the other.

What is   CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis. It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that does not cause mind-altering effects. It does, however, have some medical value. Clinical and pre-clinical research has shown CBD to be an effective treatment for a wide range of medical conditions including related inflammation and pain. CBD is well-tolerated, including large doses, and has no risk of overdose. Cannabidiol can easily be consumed in capsules, tinctures, e-liquids, or edible products.

CBD is commonly used to treat a variety of disorders including anxiety, depression, withdrawal, inflammation, arthritis, certain forms of epilepsy, skin problems, physical pain, nerve pain, and cancer-related symptoms, and many others.

How does  CBD work ?

For some time, researchers thought that CBD interacted directly with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body and brain. However, more recent studies indicate that this is not true. This is because CBD acts through multiple processes.

It has been clinically proven that CBD acts to reduce inflammation by stopping the production of cytokines in cells. Research has also shown that CBD can influence the receptors responsible for modulating pain, thereby reducing pain. It does this by limiting the body’s absorption of anandamide, a compound associated with pain regulation. Through this process, CBD reduces both the amount of pain experienced and the underlying inflammation that causes it.

Besides, CBD stimulates the body’s endocannabinoid system and helps it maintain good levels of endogenous cannabinoids in the body. Finally, the endocannabinoid system will be better able to play its role in regulating mood, appetite, and sleep.

Should you be taking  IBUPROFEN OR CBD?

Both ibuprofen and CBD are suitable options for the treatment of pain and inflammation. However, they differ in some key aspects that may affect how you feel or your health when you take them.

CBD  causes far fewer side effects

The most important difference between these two compounds is the side effects they cause. NSAIDs such as ibuprofen have a bad reputation for causing a plethora of harmful or undesirable side effects.

Serious side effects and other complications related to NSAID use are common and can sometimes be very serious. The broad spectrum of side effects caused by NSAIDs includes ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, tinnitus, headaches, dizziness, liver problems, kidney problems, swelling of the legs, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and death. The risk of experiencing adverse events related to the use of NSAIDs is estimated to be 25%.

In comparison, the risk of experiencing side effects of CBD is much lower. Also, larger amounts of CBD can be consumed in one day. A 2011 study showed that large daily doses of up to 1,500 mg were well tolerated by the human body. Since CBD is non-toxic, it is also a much healthier choice for your kidneys and liver. When it comes to cardiovascular health, research shows that CBD, unlike ibuprofen, does not affect blood pressure, heart rate or body temperature.

When the side effects of CBD are felt, they are usually very mild. A 2017 study on the safe use of CBD found that the most common side effects were fatigue, diarrhea, and changes in weight and appetite. All of these side effects disappear directly once CBD consumption is stopped.

CBD,  much more suitable for regular consumption

Regular use and overuse of NSAIDs can lead to hospitalization or death. Most side effects of ibuprofen are typically experienced after prolonged or regular use. For this reason, those who must use pain or inflammation medications frequently should choose cannabidiol instead. CBD is both better than ibuprofen as a short- and long-term solution because more can be taken in a day and the related long-term effects are much milder.

CBD, immediate relief

Another advantage of the consumption of CBD is the rapidity of these effects. When taken orally, ibuprofen is usually felt within 20 to 30 minutes. For some types of long-term pain, ibuprofen requires up to 3 weeks of regular use to show effects. In comparison, when taken by inhalation, vaporization, or sublingual route, the effects of CBD can be felt within a minute or even a second.

CBD,  available in much more convenient formats

The CBD offers much simpler dosing options than non-prescription NSAIDs. CBD can be consumed in capsule form, edible products, tincture, e-liquids, isolate powder, balms, and lotions. Cannabis varieties that are strong in CBD can also be smoked or vaporized for similar effects.

CBD, a much better choice for athletes

The popularity of the CBD is growing very quickly among athletes for its ability to improve both their training and recovery times. Because of its non-psychoactive nature, it can easily be consumed before and after training. Moreover, its side effects are so rare that it can also be taken in addition to other supplements without any danger. When taken before a training session, CBD can provide a boost of energy and a feeling of calmness and concentration. When taken after training, CBD will immediately relax the muscles and relieve pain, tension, and inflammation.

Many athletes consider that they can benefit from multiple effects at the same time when consuming CBD. The clinically proven anxiolytic properties of CBD reduce anxiety, which improves sleep. Also, researchers have hypothesized that the neuroprotective qualities of CBD may help protect the brain from concussions or other injuries.

CBD,  a powerful antioxidant

Research has proven that both CBD and THC have antioxidant properties. A 1998 study found that both cannabinoids were potent neuroprotective antioxidants. In addition, the study concluded that CBD may be a potential treatment for oxidative neurological disorders. The next time you take CBD for pain or inflammation, consider the possible improvement of your overall health as a bonus gift.

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