By LeeWEpstein

May 28, 2018

Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining ground as one of the most exciting cannabinoids, used for a wide range of new supplements and therapeutic applications. As researchers still perceive how the human endocannabinoid system responds to CBD and other cannabinoids, a series of new applications have been potentiated concerning the effects of CBD on the skin. Experiments proved that CBD can be used in medical skin treatments because there are clear indications of the numerous skin advantages of cannabidiol.

With various benefits when included as an ingredient in several products, CBD can strengthen the skin’s natural defenses. It has also recently been included as a technique to fight against the symptoms of dry and oily skin, as well as for certain adverse skin issues. The potential of CBD lies in its purity as a natural ingredient with superior effects within the presence of supporting elements.

Hemp plants can be selectively grown to include a lot of higher levels of CBD, increasing its potential use in skincare formulas.

Since CBD has been proved to be safe and attracts attention as a very effective remedy for several disorders, nothing stands within the method of its dominant position in skincare.

     CBD for the skin

So, what precisely does CBD do for the skin? the answer to the current question is multiple, as cannabidiol encourages several useful processes on healthy and damaged skin cells. Some aspects of research on specific CBD outcomes are well studied, whereas others are just starting to break into the final public.


The subject of research on CBD, which enjoys almost unanimous support, CBD is an anti-inflammatory substance. several studies have supported these claims, citing specific findings, including one in 2010 that found that CBD reduced inflammatory cytokines and chemokines.

What does this have to do with the skin? everything from daily skin irritation to real skin diseases is caused or aggravated by inflammation. CBD has incredible potential to reduce the skin’s inflammatory response – by soothing the affected skin areas. CBD as an ingredient in skin creams is an explosive trend, given its extensive capabilities in local application and body process strategies.

The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD on disorders like eczema and psoriasis have simply been highlighted. CBD has been shown to block interleukins and stop the formation of psoriatic plaques. Nowadays, some products use CBD formulations and other ingredients to naturally treat the skin.

   Promotes appropriate cell proliferation

Another promising aspect of CBD in skincare is its action in promoting cell proliferation and differentiation. Its powerful properties as an antioxidant outperform different commonly used substances and are currently used in anti-aging creams. For people with specific skin diseases, CBD could be significantly useful, because it encourages more effective cell differentiation.

     Inhibits the overactivity of the oil glands

A key trigger for skin disease known as acne is the production of hyperactive sebum. A recent study found that CBD contains a trinity of cellular anti-acne actions, « including its potential to cut back sebum. In essence, the anti-proliferative nature of CBD on sebum helps to limit lipid production and therefore limits sebum overproduction. »

The potential application of CBD to treat acne symptoms is extremely exciting because it is one of the most common skin diseases worldwide. Acne has obvious physical symptoms leading to pimples, blackheads, and cysts, as well as a psychological burden.

Other suggestions make CBD a medicine substance. Acne-causing bacteria contribute to a cycle of rashes that may be difficult to stop, however, CBD appears promising for reducing infection and inflammation. For anyone, CBD’s antioxidant properties are particularly appropriate to fight the effects of radical damage and promote a healthier look for the skin.

    CBD and the future of skincare

The more CBD is observed as a theme in skincare studies, the more potentiated it’s within the actual treatment of many skin diseases.

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