By LeeWEpstein

October 8, 2019

Whatever the reason behind your tattoo, the pain is always expected. CBD seems promising for fighting pain-related to tattooing.
When the feeling of regret sets in after having your partner’s initials tattooed on your wrist. This untimely and thoughtless decision can sometimes seem too impulsive. Whether for sentimental reasons, to symbolize a change in your life, or as a rebellion, all tattoos have one thing in common: pain.
Before, during and after, there is always some form of pain, whether physical or mental. Describing the tattoo process to someone who doesn’t have one can be a profound surprise. Fortunately, for those who have just finished their tattoos, or even those who are looking to finish their forearms. CBD may prove to be effective in managing pain at every stage.


Knowing that the tattoo process involves pain can be stressful in itself. Those who are familiar with the process like to tell others legends about drinking a few glasses of whiskey before getting a tattoo. The reality is that alcohol, especially before a tattoo, may well reinforce the problem rather than relieve the pain. And getting drunk is probably not the healthiest way to get a tattoo.

By eliminating alcohol, what solution is left to ease the process?

CBD, is promising for managing stress and anxiety, relieving pain and promoting healing.


A study conducted in 2012 illustrated the use of CBD to reduce inflammatory and neuropathic pain . This is very interesting because these two problems are present during tattooing. Also, the authors found that the test subjects did not develop tolerance to the effects of CBD. The dosage could remain the same and the effects were as strong as when CBD was first administered.
For those looking for a long-term solution to manage pain and promote the tattoo healing process, CBD offers performance in all areas.



Even if it’s your hundredth tattoo, or if you’re going for your first one, it’s normal to be nervous. Some beginners may experience waves of panic or anxiety, which can make the pain of tattooing worse as a result of the amplification of the senses. CBD has before proven to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Many anecdotal reports tell drinking a dose of CBD juice or CBD oil before getting a tattoo. The result is twofold: calm the nerves of the consumer and help reduce inflammation during tattooing.



As much as being honest, no matter what some people say, getting a tattoo will be painful. We know from the study published in 2012 that CBD can end some of this pain, making the experience slightly more enjoyable. But, the pain will not be completely numb: prepare yourself for a lighter level of suffering.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are essential. During the tattoo process, your skin will often be inflamed, which often makes it difficult for the tattooist to stop in the worst case. Using CBD will limit the inflammatory peak, making the situation much less painful for you and your tattooist.


Successful healing will not only preserve the integrity of your new tattoo . But will also prevent the appearance of any harmful infection. If you thought CBD couldn’t be more diversified, it also exists as a lotion that can be applicable directly to the tattooed area. CBD acts as a natural antiseptic, preventing harmful agents from entering and causing infections.

Besides, think of Organic Lavender essential oil, which will not only help you heal, but also disinfect and preserve colors! (to mixed with any natural cream or with a little olive oil)

So, the next time you feel like doing a tattoo, we advise you to always think twice before getting your partner’s initials tattooed. But if you decide to follow the impulse of the moment, know that CBD can bring relief at every step of the process.

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