By LeeWEpstein

October 30, 2019

People’s health can be maintained and promoted in many ways. Sport plays an important role in this respect. Indeed, physical exercise has a major role in maintaining good health, especially at the muscular level. And it is well known that muscle recovery after sport is important in the muscle development process.

This article explains how the CBD could promote muscle recovery after sport.

Painful muscles

The day after intensive physical training, muscles are often painful.For many people , an eccentric training (repetition of active movements that lengthen the muscles while they are under tension) causes damage to the muscle fibers.

So,the healing process consists of removing inflammatory substances from the body and rebuilding damaged areas. It is during this process that people suffer from aches and pains. However, pain is alleviable by palpation, stretching and muscle contraction.

Many people stretch before and after sports training to prevent or reduce muscle pain. However, there is evidence to suggest that this does not lead to any reduction in late muscle pain in healthy adults, so to ensure better regeneration after sport, CBD may be of great interest to athletes .

How can CBD promote muscle regeneration?

In fact,CBD has demonstrated its ability to produce many curative and calming effects. In the case of sport, however, it is preferable to focus on the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD by inhibiting pro-inflammatory NF-kB signaling. Due to the anti-inflammatory potential of CBD, muscle regeneration can progress more quickly and muscle pain can be avoided.

CBD, sleep and muscle recovery

During the night, growth hormones are releasable, inducing muscle growth. It is also during sleep phases that the mechanisms for repairing small muscle injuries (muscle pain) are most effective.

Therefore, the higher the quality of sleep, the more these mechanisms can act against injuries. In general, sleep restriction or lack of sleep can affect muscle recovery.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, there is evidence that CBD also has a calming effect. As a result, it causes a feeling of well-being (anti-anxiety), followed by better sleep. Athletes can thus benefit from this effect as it accelerates muscle recovery by improving sleep.

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