By Lucas De Vries

February 11, 2019
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Very few studies on the impact of CBD on herpes currently exist, except for those on the effect of Cannabidiol on inflammation. Through much feedback from users in our community, we realized that many of you were using CBD to fight and relieve cold sores. CBD and herpes: an effective natural combination.

Many products available in pharmacies, on prescription or request, to fight herpes. Most of them produce significant side effects: drought, tingling.

Almost 10 million people each year are affected by cold sores and 2 million by genital herpes. Known as a “fever blister”, herpes labial or oral herpes is manifested by the appearance of a bunch of vesicles on the lip. Most often caused by the herpes virus type 1.

Cannabis and herpes

Research on the effect of cannabis on the herpes virus is limited. But as early as 1980, scientists were able to demonstrate that the virus could not replicate in cultures where human cells were exposed to THC solution. The study was replicated somewhat in 2004 and scientists concluded that it could be useful in treating the types of viruses that cause herpes. You can consult it by clicking here.

CBD and herpes

Concerning CBD, there are no specific studies on its application against herpes. However, the various studies proving its anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant action may suggest that it may be effective on herpes. Besides, many of you regularly report your use to us, via the lipstick, as soon as the vesicles appear, or the sensation of pain.

In the event of a herpes outbreak, the virus attacks mucosal cell tissues, causing pain, blisters, and inflammation. This is partly because white blood cells are rushing into the region to fight the attack.

White blood cells are part of our immune system, and if CBD can really interact with our immune system through the endocannabinoid system, then it could help this process work more efficiently.

Also, CBD is an anti-inflammatory drug patented in the United States. You can consult the certification on this link. This means that it could eliminate the inflammation in the area and reduce the pain that would result.

A few studies are underway on CBD as an antiviral. Although nothing has yet been set in stone, some conclusions have been positive. For example, the Biology Department of the NYU Cancer Institute published a study in 2010 suggesting that Phyto cannabinoids (those found in plants) can help fight persistent infections, such as herpes. Consult it by clicking here. The study was conducted on both in vitro and in vivo subjects, which means that it may not be fully effective in adults; further studies will have to be awaited.

The natural solution against herpes

The following solution seems to summarize all your feedback:

When the pain appears in the lip, apply ice for 45 seconds, without direct contact with the skin, several times a day. From above, apply lip balm or any solution containing CBD in topical form.

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