By LeeWEpstein

November 12, 2019


Several studies confirm that Cannabidiol or CBD is a very effective pain reliever. It acts in particular against muscular, arthritic or chronic pain. Here, it is more precisely CBD oil. The question is: for what type of pain should CBD oil be used? We will discover the answer together through this article.

Pain following physical exertion

Muscle pain can come from a variety of reasons. It may be due, among other things, to a sports session, during which the muscles have been put to the test. These are aches and pains that take the appearance of cramps on different areas of the body: legs, back, stomach, biceps, neck, etc. This discomfort is due to the continuous contraction of sore muscle tissue. If the latter is not quickly treated, there may be complications such as tearing, straining, stiff neck, stretching or lumbago.

Pain due to osteoarthritis

The pain emanating from osteoarthritis is different from muscle pain because the inflammation is not in the muscles but in the joints. The subject experiences pain in the knees, wrists, shoulders or hips. This suffering results from cartilage wear and tear. These include signs of arthritis and osteoarthritis. To avoid them, you must be careful with heavy loads and repetitive movements.

Chronic pain

CBD is effective in relieving chronic pain compared to standard pain medication such as paracetamol, aspirin or morphine. Chronic pain refers to acute pain or pain that lasts for several months. These are due to inflammation of the nervous system and the drug solutions mentioned above no longer work. These chronic pains include neuropathic pain and lumbosciatic pain.

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