By LeeWEpstein

December 6, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, exhaustion is not only synonymous with falling asleep – exhaustion is a medical symptom that can result from various causes. Many of us, at different times in our lives, experience exhaustion. Exhaustion can be described in several ways; some people perceive it as a feeling of permanent fatigue, a lack of energy to cope with daily life or a lack of motivation.

As exhaustion can be triggered by different pathologies, it is essential to understand the causes in order to treat it correctly.

Main causes of exhaustion

Exhaustion can be caused by several underlying conditions. First of all, and more simply, exhaustion can be caused by a lack of sleep. If you feel tired every day and sleep less than 8 hours a night, this is probably the cause.

Lack of appetite can also cause exhaustion: if your body doesn’t have enough fuel for what you ask it to do, it will get tired to help you conserve your energy.

Depression can also cause exhaustion. Most forms of depression consist of fatigue combined with low motivation, low effect, self-loathing and a sense of hopelessness. Some forms of depression also include changes in appetite and sleep, which can aggravate exhaustion problems.

Stress is another common culprit. When a person is stressed, their hormones increase, giving a temporary and often unpleasant high. When this fades, the person often feels exhausted or tired, as if they had run an emotional marathon. Chronically stressed individuals can range from hyper-excited to exhausted.

The last cause of exhaustion we will talk about is chronic pain. Chronic pain acts as constant fatigue on the body and mind, undermining the physical and mental energy that would otherwise go to more productive things. Chronic pain can also disrupt sleep and appetite, making the problem worse.

How does CBD alleviate the causes of exhaustion

Once you have identified what may be the cause of your specific form of exhaustion, you will be in a better position to address the problem. We will review them one by one and discuss how CBD can be a useful remedy in each of these cases.


If the exhaustion study shows anything, it is that CBD is a much more diverse remedy than most people think. CBD can help treat insomnia, lack of appetite, depression, stress, chronic pain and exhaustion that these conditions cause. It’s all about choosing the right dose and using it properly for your particular problem.

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