By LeeWEpstein

November 5, 2019


Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining popularity in all areas. Even the (best) athletes use CBD to accelerate recovery time after intense effort. CBD would also help fight epilepsy, stress, pain, sleep problems, etc. All these benefits mean that today the CBD is even present in the workplace. CBD seems to help increase your productivity and fight fatigue.

CBD against anxiety

Anxiety is a bad advisor Anxiety disorders can have a major impact on daily life even with serious health risks. Poor health is usually first of all, of course, reflected in lower productivity. CBD is often used to treat a variety of work-related anxiety disorders. For example, making a presentation is impossible for people with anxiety disorders. Additional research has shown that CBD supplements can help professionals overcome their fear of public speaking, and feel confident during a presentation. So, don’t be afraid!

CBD against the afternoon’s setback

It will probably look familiar the classic afternoon helm. The moment your brain is fogged up and you can’t get anywhere. So, CBD can help you avoid this decrease in productivity by strengthening the endocannabinoid system. This will clarify your ideas and of course allow you to keep up the pace, without losing momentum!

CBD can help improve your sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the main causes of decreased productivity. Very recent research has shown that no less than one in four Dutch people suffer from sleep problems. However, we still do not know how CBD influences our sleep. Some people claim that CBD makes them immediately sleepy, while others say it energizes them. Nevertheless, most studies indicate that regular use of CBD improves “quality” and sleep cycles. Logically, better rested people do a better job. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

CBD to relieve pain stimuli

Pain related to working conditions is a major barrier to productivity. In Fact,almost everyone experiences it. You may think of back pain in physical workers and neck pain in office workers. Every workplace is a source of potential hazards. Therefore,many employees relieve their pain with CBD supplements.

And of course, painless, you can concentrate more on your work.

CBD against nicotine addiction

In one of the many studies on the effects of CBD, it was concluded that it could reduce the need for nicotine. Researchers at the University of Montreal (Canada) also stated that the CDB is useful in the fight against drug addiction. And of course, it is unnecessary to mention that when employees take fewer smoking breaks, they actually have more time to work. Not to mention that quitting smoking reduces the risk of long-term sick leave.

CBD against stress symptoms

Almost everyone knows that daily stress can affect our overall health. The CDB has often been considered a lifeline. CBD is said to have a preventive effect against chronic diseases resulting from excessive stress and overload in the long term. And healthy employees are a valuable asset to the company as a workforce.

So, what are you waiting for?

After reading all of the above, you may wonder why there is no CBD in your desk drawer. CBD can make a significant contribution to your overall health and productivity, so what are you waiting for? Note: CBD is not a medical treatment. In addition, the ideal dose (and therefore the effect) is different for each person. It is therefore advisable to discuss the use of CBD in the workplace with your employer.

And now, quickly to work!

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