By LeeWEpstein

March 6, 2019

         One of the medical properties sought in the prescription of therapeutic CBD is its ability to reduce pain. Conventional analgesics sometimes lead to addiction, leaving patients in a state of dependency after treatment.

   Addiction to opiates

In 2013, 16,000 people died from painkiller overdose in the United States, more than heroin and cocaine combined, 60% of them in the context of prescribed opiate painkillers. Although the use of painkillers, therefore, is very widespread in the United States (you remember Dr. House’s Vicodin?), an alternative exists it is cannabis.

  Abusive prescriptions

The prevalence of doctors prescribing painkillers to athletes is also alarming. When athletes retire from their professional lives, some find themselves in a state of addiction, without understanding how they got there. Many athletes today talk about how cannabis has helped them during their careers to avoid addiction and naturally manage pain.

         CBD can help in many medical situations, and the more research there is, the better it can be prescribed. Pharmaceutical companies should embrace these new molecules. Otherwise, they could be liable for their negligence.

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