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Sales of CBD products skyrocketed as the epidemic evolved. People are ordering mostly oil and flowers. But not so many joints…

Businesses selling CBD products had to close during this period of containment, but online sales took off. Interest in CBD products grew from the beginning of March: “We saw a new clientele arrive in our shop, people in suits, bankers, who were quite rare in our country. These people are trying to reduce their stress due to the epidemic,” says a budtender.

Just sleeping

As the pandemic evolved, our dispensary saw its orders multiply: “During this crisis, people are looking for natural ways to relax or simply sleep. CBD has multiple virtues. It treats many problems, such as sleep disorders, anxiety, and inflammation, which is why sales are so successful in these times of crisis.”

It should be noted here that cannabidiol (CBD) is a type of cannabinoid found naturally in cannabis, marijuana and hemp plants. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a different cannabinoid, which has completely separate psychoactive effects, CBD has nothing to do with it.

Gradual effects

Since the containment, amateurs order mainly oil and flowers: “Since the virus attacks the lungs, notes the budtender, they order few rolled joints”. On the other hand, the oil is appreciated: “To consume it, just put a few drops under the tongue. We have different concentrations of CBD. The lowest is 4%. Then progressively, we have 10% to treat anxiety or light muscular pain, 20% to treat osteoarthritis or sleep disorders, and finally 30% to relieve chemotherapy and fight nausea.”

For women

Finally, women are looking for 10% oil for their period of indisposition: “Some women are afraid of being asymptomatic carriers of the virus. Since it is inadvisable to take conventional anti-inflammatory meds, they prefer CBD oil”.

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