By LeeWEpstein

April 3, 2020


Fibromyalgia affects many people, creating chronic pain in those affected that fluctuate in time and intensity. Cannabis seems to be an alternative way to relieve these symptoms: cannabis & fibromyalgia a beneficial association.

A study has recently been published by a team of rheumatology specialists from the University Hospital of Milan, Italy. You can, of course, consult it by clicking on this link. It aimed to evaluate any clinical improvement attributable to the addition of medical treatment with cannabis to the standard stable analgesic treatment of fibromyalgia patients.

The study involved 102 fibromyalgia patients with pain despite standard analgesic treatment. Patients have prescribed two cannabis extracts diluted in oil:

  1. Bedrocan (22% THC, <1% CBD).
  2. Bediol (6.3% THC, 8% CBD)

The severity of the symptoms of fibromyalgia was periodically assessed using the questionnaire on

  • the impact of fibromyalgia
  • the Fibromyalgia Rating Scale
  • the fatigue score
  • the sleep quality index
  • depression and anxiety scales

During the study, patients were allowed to reduce or discontinue their concomitant analgesic treatment.

A clear improvement in sleep and fibromyalgia symptoms was observed in 44% and 33% of patients. 50% showed a moderate improvement in the anxiety and depression scales.

Concomitant analgesic treatment was reduced or suspended in 47% of patients. One third experienced mild adverse events, which did not result in any significant change in treatment.

This observational study shows that treatment with medical marijuana as an adjunct offers a potential clinical benefit in patients with fibromyalgia, particularly those with sleep dysfunction. Clinical improvement was inversely correlated with BMI. The retention rate and changes in concomitant analgesic treatment reflect the effectiveness of medical cannabis treatment in improving patient quality of life. Further studies are needed to confirm these data, identify subgroups of fibromyalgia patients sensitive to medical cannabis and establish the most appropriate dosage and duration of treatment.

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