By LeeWEpstein

December 26, 2019


As cannabis is composed of some 200 molecules, it cannot be evaluated or produced as a conventional drug.

Can cannabis be medicine? Not according to its modern definition, since it has more than 200 active molecules, not just one with a mode of action based on an elucidated biological mechanism – which would make it possible to prescribe it against a specific disease. The Academy of Pharmacy, the guardian of the dogma, says no other:

A plant mixture composed of 200 different active ingredients, varying in quantity and proportion according to the methods of cultivation, harvesting, and storage,without dosage or control , cannabis cannot provide the guarantees of a medicine.

Today, only two molecules derived from cannabis have been studied. These are cannabidiol, commonly known by its acronym CBD, whose properties are rather relaxing and anti-inflammatory, and THC, which is responsible for psychotropic but also analgesic effects. These molecules can be obtainable from chemical synthesis. But it is clear that the effects of cannabis are due to all the molecules exist in the plant. with a potentiation resulting from their interactions. In this case, the simplest solution remains to extract cannabis from the plant.

Legalization in 41 countries

Without its psychotropic properties, cannabis would be relegated, along with St. John’s wort, to the realm of phytotherapy, which consists of treating oneself with plants. But its therapeutic use does not allow the public authorities to ignore it. All the more so as its benefits are famous . If not set out in the framework of clinical trials in due and proper form because of its illegality. The legalization of this therapeutic use is already well underway and has already adopted by 41 countries.

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